Widening Access Fund

The Widening Access Fund is used for the following purposes:

  • to support special projects that help us develop services for MBA teachers (e.g. developing an online community for teachers)
  • to offer additional bursaries that do not fit neatly into the Supervision, Retreat or Teacher Training Bursary Funds (e.g. to support a trainer to develop skills that meet a training need we have that is not readily available)
  • to allow us to price some events below cost where we think there is a special need (e.g. a retreat or training event for teachers that supports our EDI policy)
  • to create an emergency reserves fund to support unforeseen events (e.g. an event cancellation for reasons beyond our control)
  • to cover the costs of administering these funds, if we cannot cover do so from surpluses on events

We have a target of maintaining £50,000 in our Widening Access Fund to enable us to develop a safe and secure future that supports the MBA teaching community. This is in line with recommendations from the Charity Commission on reserves so that we can manage unexpected drops in income. To set this in context, cancelling an event can cost over £5,000 in cancellation charges for a venue, and an event that recruits at below our budget of 90% of capacity can cost us £5,000 or more.

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