Meet the team

Our dedicated staff work part-time and are based all around the UK. Please click on our photos to find out more about us.

Our team of teachers, supervisors and trainers:

Our mindfulness-based supervisors

Our teacher trainers (who work as part of the Bangor University/Mindfulness Network collaboration)

Our retreat leaders

Our compassion trainers

Our personal practice mentors

Board of Trustees (to be updated):

Advisory Board:

The role of the Advisory Board is to:

  • review and offer guidance, advice and inspiration to the Mindfulness Network to ensure that the intended aims of the organisation are achieved;
  • support the overall strategic direction and be a thoughtful sounding board for the Mindfulness Network; and
  • complement the Mindfulness Network core team with skills and knowledge in certain areas such as; fundraising, market demands and field direction, finances and policy.

The members of our Advisory Board are:

Alison Evans (Executive Director and Supervision Lead, Mindfulness Network)

Rebecca Crane (Director of CMRP, Bangor University, and non-Executive Director of the Mindfulness Network)

Halley Cohen (Communications and Marketing, Mindfulness Network)

Sharon Hadley (Director of Project HA Ltd and Founder of Eventslist)

Ken Lunn (Business Manager, Mindfulness Network)

Robert Marx (Training and Governance Lead for the Sussex Mindfulness Centre, and supervisor for the Mindfulness Network)

Anna Murch (Operations and Retreat Coordinator, Mindfulness Network)

Kay Octigan (Core Staff for the Mood Disorders Centre, Exeter University, and supervisor for the Mindfulness Network)

Bridgette O’Neill (Retreats Lead and supervisor, Mindfulness Network)

Bethan Roberts (member of CMRP Core Training Team, and supervisor for the Mindfulness Network)

Gary Smith (IT for the Mindfulness Network)