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An Inside view of LGBTQ+ Inclusion (by Sheila Roche)

– written by Sheila Roche I am really glad, reading the other contributions to this blog, that the Mindfulness Network is committed in such a personal way to developing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) policies. I am a cisgendered* lesbian and a long-term dharma practitioner. As such, I have facilitated an LGBTQ+ meditation group in […]

Radical Attention (by Rosalie Dores)

– written by Rosalie Dores (re-published in full with her permission) It is not uncommon for meditation to be considered a form of ‘naval gazing.’ Critics suggest that to spend time concentrated on oneself is at best self-indulgent or at worst narcissistic. I couldn’t disagree more, and I am in good company. The Dalai Lama […]

Missing Class (by Colette Power)

If Buddhism in the West becomes solely a means to pursue personal spiritual growth, I am apprehensive that it may evolve in a one-sided way and thus fulfil only half its potential. Attracting the affluent and the educated, it will provide a congenial home for the intellectual and cultural elite, but it will risk turning […]

A Path With Heart

 – written by Rosalie Dores ‘If the path is clear, it’s not your path.’ I love this quote from Joseph Campbell, professor of literature and mythology. I remember shortly after reading it, I went for a walk in my local park. Initially, I walked along the concrete path, weaving its way through the fields, as I pretty […]